Attention! We can reserve the room till 9 p.m.!
If you arrive later, please call me!
+36 54/401-537

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We wellcome you in webpages Katalin Motel&Restaurant.

The Katalin Motel & Restaurant is situated in the inner city of Berettyoujfalu along the road 42.
From the international road E60 easy accessable Katalin Motel provides leisure facibilites for the tired travellers in a silent environment.

In the green belt of the pension we serve the guests of the renstaurant in the shady rest place, which has place for 6-6 people with 2 tables.

H-4100, 22.Király-Hágó Street in Berettyóújfalu Phone:+3654401537 Mobil: +36 20 421 9411
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