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Katalin Motel&Restaurant

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The Katalin Motel & Restaurant is situatedin the inner city of Berettyoujfalu along the road 42.

From the direction of Budapest, arriving the town in the roundabout it's needed to folow the road 42 in the direction of Biharkeresztes, the frontier of the country.

From the direction of Debrecen or Szeged it's needed to folow the international road E60, which crosses the roads 42 and 47, in the roadabout in the direction of Romania.
GPS: LON 21.539717E. LAT 47.232417N.

Nagyobb trkpre vlts
H-4100, 22.Kirly-Hg Street in Berettyjfalu Phone:+3654401537 Mobil: +36 20 421 9411